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Circuit: Imola (I), Length 4.909 km, 18th – 22nd November 2020

Jasin Ferati (CH), Filip Ugran (RO), Francesco Braschi (I), Santiago Ramos (MEX)


Points for Ugran and Ramos in cold Imola ( to the )

The sixth and therefore penultimate of seven meetings in the Italian FIA Formula 4 Championship took place on the characterful track at Imola (I). With 34 competitors present for the meeting, their expectations were as high as could be ahead of the start.

Free Practice

Braschi, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-08010.jpg Braschi, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-08136.jpg Braschi, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-08345.jpg

Braschi, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-08555.jpg Ferati, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-07946.jpg Ferati, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-08109.jpg

Ferati, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-08256.jpg Ferati, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-08402.jpg Ferati, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-08515.jpg

Ferati, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-08519.jpg Ramos, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-07938.jpg Ramos, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-08100.jpg

Ramos, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-08407.jpg Ramos, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-08529.jpg

© Photo Pellegrini


Saturday, 21/11/2020, 10.45 – 11.25, Weather: Sunny, 9°C

The rules allow for two qualifying sessions of 15 minutes, with a 10-minute break in between. The Qualifying 1 times determine the grid for Race 1 and the times from Qualifying 2 determine the grid for Race 2. The starting order for Race 3 is based on the 2nd best lap time of each driver in either of the two qualifying sessions.

Results Qualifying 1 & Grid for Race One
1st Gabriele Mini (I) Prema 1:44.470
2nd Dino Beganovic (SWE) Prema 1:44.517
3rd Jak Crawford (USA) Van Amersfoort 1:44.410
18th Filip Ugran (ROU) Jenzer Motorsport 1:45.524
20th Francesco Braschi (I) Jenzer Motorsport 1:45.553
21st Santiago Ramos (MEX) Jenzer Motorsport 1:45.791
23rd Jasin Ferati (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 1:46.088

Braschi, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-06011.jpg Braschi, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-06480.jpg Braschi, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-06595.jpg

Braschi, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-06717.jpg Ferati, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-06319.jpg Ferati, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-06336.jpg

Ferati, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-06569.jpg Ferati, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-06767.jpg Jenzer, Imola2_2020-05865.jpg

Jenzer, Imola2_2020-06900.jpg Jenzer, Imola2_2020-07085.jpg Ramos, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-05970.jpg

Ramos, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-06584.jpg Ramos, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-06895.jpg Ramos, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-07062.jpg

Ugran, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-05846.jpg Ugran, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-05890.jpg Ugran, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-05902.jpg

Ugran, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-06598.jpg Ugran, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-06940.jpg

© Photo Pellegrini

Results Qualifying 2 & Grid for Race Two
1st Dino Beganovic (SWE) Prema 1:43.865
2nd Gabriele Mini (I) Prema 1:43.884
3rd Oliver Bearman (GB) US Racing 1:44.121
10th Santiago Ramos (MEX) Jenzer Motorsport 1:44.488
15th Filip Ugran (ROU) Jenzer Motorsport 1:44.834
21st Francesco Braschi (I) Jenzer Motorsport 1:45.327
23rd Jasin Ferati (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 1:45.480


Grid for Race Three
1st Gabriele Mini (I) Prema 1:43.912
2nd Dino Beganovic (SWE) Prema 1:43.947
3rd Leonardo Fornaroli (I) Iron Lynx 1:44.400
13th Santiago Ramos (MEX) Jenzer Motorsport 1:44.841
15th Filip Ugran (ROU) Jenzer Motorsport 1:44.968
19th Francesco Braschi (I) Jenzer Motorsport 1:45.369
26th Jasin Ferati (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 1:45.932


FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship

Race One (30 minutes + 1 lap)

Saturday, 21/11/2020, 15.05, Weather: Sunny, 10°C

On Saturday morning, the temperatures were very cold as the huge and very competitive 34 cars field met on track for what turned out to be two very smooth and hard fought qualifying sessions. In the afternoon, with the wind picking up, the first race of the weekend took place in Imola. Filip started the race in 18th place and made a strong getaway to rise to 15th position across the opening laps. Despite a wide moment, our Romanian driver kept his position. On lap 2, a collision involving Bortoleto, Ogaard and Gnos brought out a safety car. The recovery drive of Filip continued after the safety car phase, as he moved through the field to eventually cross the line in an overall positive and well fought 12 place. Francesco began from 20th place and picked up one position at the start. Unfortunately, he was unable to reach the finishing line as a broken front left suspension forced him back in the pitlane, where he had to abandon the race. Santiago started from 21st position with a solid start and in a fighting mode. He captured 18th place in the opening laps and preserved his position at the restart. Santiago drove e brilliant race climbing up spot after spot through the field and crossing the line in 13th position. Jasin was 23rd on the grid and he was immediately able to take 20th during the first stages of the race. He moved into 19th spot on lap seven and fought hard with Salmenautio, who made contact with our Swiss driver. However, Jasin eventually muscled his way past Salmenautio and crossed the finish line in 18th place.

Race One Results
1st Gabriele Mini (I) Prema 32:07.854  
2nd Dino Beganovic (SWE) Prema Gap 0.642
3rd Jak Crawford (USA) Van Amersfoort Gap 1.009
12th Filip Ugran (ROU) Jenzer Motorsport    
13th Santiago Ramos (MEX) Jenzer Motorsport    
18th Jasin Ferati (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
31st Francesco Braschi (I) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Dino Beganovic (SWE) in 1:44.349

Braschi, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-00417.jpg Braschi, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-00646.jpg Braschi, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-00685.jpg

Ferati, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-00505.jpg Ferati, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-00686.jpg Ramos, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-00447.jpg

Ramos, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-00558.jpg Ramos, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-00601.jpg Ramos, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-00676.jpg

© Photo Pellegrini

FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship

Race Two (30 minutes + 1 lap)

Sunday, 22/11/2020, 09.55, Weather: Sunny, 3°C

The second race of the weekend took place on Sunday morning. The very cold temperatures made this race even tougher with an accident already happening during the formation lap when Han ran into the gravel trap, which resulted in a second formation lap for the field. Four safety cars had to be deployed throughout the race which eventually ended behind the safety car. Santiago was 9th on the grid, but didn’t get away well which dropped him back in 13th place. Keeping himself out of any accidents, Santiago held on to his position during the restarts and managed to cross the line in 10th spot. Filip started the race in 15th position and was able to get past some incidents smoothly and to slot into 12th place already on lap three. Going wide after the first restart backed him from 10th position to 11th, but the Romanian continued to improve positions. Despite a cut through the gravel bed after the second restart, Filip run a well fought race and finished in 8th position. Jasin began the race in 22nd place and enjoyed a strong start. On a very brilliant recovery mode, Jasin managed to climb up through the huge field lap by lap and cross the line in 13th position. Unfortunately, Francesco was hit by Simonazzi, who was later penalized for his maneuver, but our Italian driver was forced to go back to the pits with a damaged car.
Two drivers were handed time penalties after the race, which moved all our drivers up by one place.


Race Two Results
1st Dino Beganovic (SWE) Prema 32:48.861  
2nd Gabriele Mini (I) Prema Gap 0.499
3rd Jak Crawford (USA) Van Amersfoort Gap 0.615
7th Filip Ugran (ROU) Jenzer Motorsport    
9th Santiago Ramos (MEX) Jenzer Motorsport    
12th Jasin Ferati (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
DNF: Francesco Braschi (I) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Dino Beganovic (SWE) in 1:45.365

WPP01482.jpg WPP01671.jpg WPP01701.jpg

WPP01829.jpg WPP01875.jpg Y7R08193.jpg

Y7R08223.jpg Y7R08254.jpg

© Photo Pellegrini

FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship

Race Three (28 minutes + 1 lap)

Sunday, 22/11/2020, 15.20, Weather: Sunny, 8°C

The last race of the weekend took place on Sunday afternoon with again chilly temperatures. After the first lap, Filip came round in 12th position. There was a safety car period, but Filip restarted well and drove a good race. At the end he was able to reach the 10th position, taking the last available points. Santiago also got away well and fended off to hold his starting position. As he found his rhythm, he settled in 13th place and that is where he crossed the finish line at the end of the race. Jasin had another great recovery race, as he began from 26th and progressively gained positions to reach 21st place at the end. Unfortunately, some engine issues probably caused by the demages from the accident in the previous race meant that Francesco had to abandon the race in the pitlane after only a few laps, even the team and the engine people did their best to solve the problem.

The seventh and last race meeting of the Italian Formula championship is scheduled for the weekend of 6th December in Vallelunga (I).

Race Three Results
1st Jak Crawford (USA) Van Amersfoort 32:38.662  
2nd Gabriele Mini (I) Prema Gap 0.717
3rd Dino Beganovic (SWE) Prema Gap 3.704
10th Filip Ugran (ROU) Jenzer Motorsport    
13th Santiago Ramos (MEX) Jenzer Motorsport    
21st Jasin Ferati (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
DNF: Francesco Braschi (I) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Gabriele Mini (I) in 1:44.590

WPP01674.jpg WPP02419.jpg WPP02442.jpg

WPP02526.jpg WPP02533.jpg WPP02567.jpg

Y7R08223.jpg Y7R08367.jpg

Braschi, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-01338.jpg Braschi, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-01482.jpg Braschi, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-02283.jpg

Braschi, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-08363.jpg Ferati, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-00973.jpg Ferati, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-00977.jpg

Ferati, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-01681.jpg Ferati, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-02535.jpg Ferati, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-08254.jpg

Ramos, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-01400.jpg Ramos, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-02421.jpg Ramos, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-02429.jpg

Ramos, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-07980.jpg Start3 F4, Imola2_2020-02264.jpg Ugran, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-01533.jpg

Ugran, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-02383.jpg Ugran, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-02567.jpg Ugran, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-08193.jpg

Ugran, Jenzer, Imola2_2020-08248.jpg

© Photo Pellegrini

Championship Standings

FIA F4 Italian Championship 2020 after 18 races:
1st Gabriele Mini (I), 276 points; 2nd Francesco Pizzi (I), 191 points; 3rd Dino Beganovic (SWE), 168 points; 4th Jak Crawford (USA), 140 points; 5th Andrea Rosso (I), 139 points; 6th Gabriel Bortoleto (BRA), 133 points; 8th Filip Ugran (ROU), 127 points; 15th Santiago Ramos (MEX), 26 points; 17th Piotr Wisnicki (PL), 12 points

1st Gabriele Mini (I), 246 points; 2nd Francesco Pizzi (I), 216 points; 3rd Andrea Rosso (I), 163 points; 10th Santiago Ramos (MEX), 29 points; 15th Piotr Wisnicki (POL), 19 points; 20th Jasin Ferati (CH), 6 points



30 – 02 August Misano (I)  
28 – 30 August Imola (I)  
11 – 13 September RedBull Ring (A)  
01 – 04 October Mugello (I)  
14 – 18 October Monza (I)  
18 – 22 November Imola (I)  
02 – 06 December Vallelunga (I)  


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